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The Opportunities and Challenges of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for Improvement of Healthcare System (65453 Downloads)
Diabetes and Role of Exercise on its Control; A systematic Review (14167 Downloads)
Assessment of the Staff Working Posture Using REBA & ROSA Methods in a Hospital (8138 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Self-Healing Training on Lifestyle and Symptom Management in Women with Hypertension (8021 Downloads)
Islam Perspective of Stress Fundamentals (7743 Downloads)
The Effectiveness of Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) Workshop Educational Intervention for HIV/AIDS Risk Reduction in Non-Medical University Students (6976 Downloads)
Inpatient Satisfaction and Effecting Factors: Findings from a Large Sample Size Cross Sectional Study (6961 Downloads)
Nurse Job Satisfaction Compared with Healthcare Personnel: A Cause Cross Sectional Study (5449 Downloads)
Intensity and Prevalence of Source of Stress in Iran (5229 Downloads)
Asthma and Exercise Activity; a Systematic Review Study (4991 Downloads)
Prescription of Antibiotics Before and After Surgery at the Surgical Wards of Isfahan Amiralmomenin Hospital Compliance with the Standard Guidelines (4972 Downloads)
Evaluation of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among War Survivors (4891 Downloads)
Design and Fabrication of Poly-Aniline/Poly-Caprolactone/Gelatin Composite Nano-Scaffolds and Study of Biocompatibility of Nano-Fibers (4527 Downloads)
The Comparison of anxiety and stress between patients with hypothyroidism under regular medication regimen with normal group (4500 Downloads)
A Review of the Novel Corona Virus Disease (2019-nCoV) (4266 Downloads)
Exercise-Based Rehabilitation in Cardiac Disease; a Systematic Review (4088 Downloads)
Application of Action Research in Nursing Science Education (4028 Downloads)
The Efficacy of Attention and Concentration Training on Problem Solving Skills and Quiz Stress of Female Students (3855 Downloads)
The Effects of 5S Training Method on Health Center's Staff Efficiency (3655 Downloads)
Relationship Between Professional Ethics and Administrative Integrity among Medical University Staff (3615 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Mental Health in Multiple Sclerosis Patients (3603 Downloads)
Evaluation of the VARK Model Learning Styles Selection in Medical Students (3241 Downloads)
Comparison of General Health, Mental Health and Coping Strategies among Patients with Diabetes Type 1, 2 and Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (3237 Downloads)
Assessment of Quality of Services in Health Centers from the perspective of Clients by SERVQUAL Method (3234 Downloads)
Impact of High-Intensity Interval Training and Concurrent Strength-Endurance Training on the Levels of Some Adipokines Associated with Insulin Resistance in Women with Diabetes Mellitus (3230 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training on Mental Health of Mothers by Children with Mental Disorders (3206 Downloads)
Comparative Evaluation of Motion, Cognitive and Non-Planning Impulsivity in Hollander Theory (2963 Downloads)
Investigate the Relationship between Cognitive Distortions and Quality of Life among Postmenopausal Women, Infertility, underwent Hysterectomy, Uterine Leiomyoma and Normal (2807 Downloads)
Effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Reducing Suicidal Thoughts (Suicidal Ideations) in Suicide Attempters with a History of Previous Suicide (2795 Downloads)
Study of Rate And Factors Associated with the Deployment of Inter-Hospital Transfers Patients from Selected Hospitals of Affiliated Kohgiloyeh and Boyerahmad University of Medical Sciences In A 5-year Period (2785 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Quality of Services Provided by Selected Hospitals in Tehran City using the SERVQUAL Model (2735 Downloads)
Relationship between Critical Thinking and Information Literacy with Self-Regulation Strategies in Nursing students (2578 Downloads)
The Effect of Social Capital on Mental Health of Citizens (Case Study: Mashhad City) (2568 Downloads)
Epidemiologic Study on Causes of Mortality among Hospitalized Patients (2491 Downloads)
Psycho-Emotional Impact of Simulators in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Systematic Review (2475 Downloads)
The Impact of Financial and Non-Financial Rewards in Achieving Job Attraction and Improving Nurses' Performance (2464 Downloads)
Predicting Covid-19 Anxiety and Its Social Stigma Experience Based on the Dimensions of Internet Addiction after the First Age of Epidemic in Students (2456 Downloads)
Relationship between Perceived Social Support and Self-esteem with Satisfaction of Life in Iranian Students (2395 Downloads)
Effect of Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills Training on Symptoms of Depression (2361 Downloads)
Correlation between Ultrasonography Findings and Pediatrics’ Kidney Function According to the Used Transducer (2338 Downloads)
Individual and Community Values Conflict with the Approach of Cognitive Science and Reduction Strategies to Increase Mental Health; an Opinion Study (2267 Downloads)
Measuring the Impacts of Air Pollution on Health Costs in Iran (2222 Downloads)
Reforming the Approval Process for Research Projects with Re-engineering Approach in Clinical Research Development Unit of Baqiyatallah Hospital (2221 Downloads)
The Prevalence of Injuries by Sharp Waste in Nurses of Emergency and Critical Care wards in one of the Military Hospital in Tehran (2155 Downloads)
Causes and Consequences of Emergency Department Overcrowding; Methods for Resolving It (2122 Downloads)
Gene-Nutrient Interactions in Cancer; a Systematic Review (2101 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Nursing Services Quality from the Patient Perspective by Using the Kano and SERVQUAL Combines Model (2062 Downloads)
Comparison of Quality of Life between Mothers with Cesarean or Vaginal Delivery (2047 Downloads)
Blastocystis Hominis: Response to treatment in infected children under 7 years of age; a brief report (2026 Downloads)
The Survey of Effective Communication Skills Training on Anxiety and Social Phobia among Students (1967 Downloads)
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