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Roham M, Jamshidi Makiani M, Ranjbar Davijani M, Noorzadeh M. Prevalence of ABO and RH Blood Groups in Hospitalized Patients with Covid 19 and its Relationship with Patients' Prognosis. hrjbaq. 2022; 7 (3) :221-230
URL: http://hrjbaq.ir/article-1-568-en.html
Firoozgar Hospital Clinical Research Center, School of Medicine, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. , roham.m@iums.ac.ir
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Introduction: Many hypotheses about the relationship between blood groups and the incidence of infectious diseases have been evaluated. Because investigating the predisposing causes of coronavirus is important in diagnosing and managing financial and human resources, especially during peak times, it may be helpful to investigate the prevalence of different blood types in patients with Quid-19.
Materials and Methods: In this cross-sectional study, 400 patients with Covid 19 were evaluated for blood group by PCR or lung CT scan. The patients were all hospitalized in the ward, emergency department and ICU of the hospital between the March - July, 2021. Blood type of patients and final status of patients were extracted and subjected to statistical analysis.
Results: The highest frequency was related to blood group A with 34%, followed by blood group O with 33.5%, then blood group B with 23.8% and then AB with 8.8%. The majority of 90.5% had Rh + and 9.5% had Rh-. Based on the results of regression analysis, blood group A had less mortality than blood group O (P = 0.18). No significant relationship was found between patients' mortality and other blood groups.
Conclusion: The findings of this study show a higher prevalence of blood group A in patients with Quid-19 and higher mortality in patients with blood group o. If these results are obtained in larger studies, blood group can be used as a prognostic factor in these patients.

Authors Contribution: Mahin Jamshidi has done the initial idea of reading and writing the article. Maryam Roham has written and prepared the initial and final draft, supervised the data collection and submitted and revised the article. Mitra Ranjbar revised the article and Maryam Noorizadeh analyzed the data.
Conflict of Interest/Funding/Supports: No.
Ethical Considerations: The present research protocol was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of Iran University based on the Helsinki Declaration. All participants signed a written consent to participate in the study (IR.IUMS.FMD.REC.1400.079).
Applicable Remarks: It is suggested to evaluate the blood groups as a prognostic factor in patients with COVID-19.

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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Special
Received: 2022/01/8 | Revised: 2022/09/7 | Accepted: 2022/05/29 | ePublished ahead of print: 2022/06/20 | Published: 2022/07/17

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